• A Recap of June 1st Placemaking at the Mt. Edward Elementary School

    The day in photos...

    The community placemaking event which took place June 1st at the Mount Edward Elementary School was an amazing experience for all who attended.


    At 10:00am, attendees and volunteers looked up to the sky, wishing for the sun to shine brighter and by 11:00 the sun was beaming!


    Community volunteer members went straight to work after our morning huddle. Some had their quick morning coffee and muffins and began the task ahead of them.


    The children all lined up to get their faces painted by Thomas from Razzmatazz for Kids. They had the option to select their prints. And most opted for the tiger and cat facial prints over the unicorn! How surprising is that.


    After their facial prints, the children moved on to vibrantly colouring their rocks of all sizes( see photos for their creations).


    By 11:30, the sun was shining and the temperature was reminiscent of a cool summer's day. We had a pizza lunch with refreshments and took a break.


    By 12:40, some of the children joined their parents and other volunteers in the painting of three playful games on the playground floor of the school. Another child joined Dana, the flower bed planting volunteer and helped him with the finishing touches by placing decorative river rocks( see before and after photos of the brilliant work of art Dana achieved with his little helper).


    By 12:30 we were all reaping the joys of our hard work. The children, parents and volunteers were thrilled to see how their painting and planting was turning out. This energized the team to push through and enthusiastically continued to complete everything planned for the day.


    We wrapped up around 1:30pm.


    Overall, the community placemaking at the Mt. Edward Elementary School was fun, exciting and rewarding. Together, we achieved the goal of strengthening community spirit, while creating a public space that we can feel connected to.


    We want to especially thank Colin McCrae, Principle Andrea Temple and Vice President, Rebecca Stickings, Karen Soeder, Graziella Grbac and Dana Baker from Village on the Main, Darren Hirtle and Kate Moon from HRM, Sarah Manchon from Halifax Cycling Coalition and community friends Grace & Taegyu Lee. Also to the enthusiastic and dedicated parents and children, the day wouldn't have been a success or even worth it without your attendance and contribution, you are our main encouragement!


    Please see below for photos from the placemaking event and our feature on Snapd Dartmouth: https://dartmouth.snapd.com/events/view/1250913

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