• Woodlawn, the community

    Woodlawn Milk - historical photo

    Woodlawn is a community located in the heart of Dartmouth, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada. Originally inhabited by the Mi'qmaq, a First Nations people, the area we now call Woodlawn was occupied by the British military in the 1,700's and was a farming community until approximately 60 years ago when its urbanization process sped up. Woodlawn is mainly a residential community.


    The neighbourhoods that make up the Woodlawn community are:

    We know that there is more to the Woodlawn story, so we invite the community to participate in a Neighbourhood Stories project where the stories of our Woodlawn is told. Neighbourhood Stories is a “research and documentation project that celebrates community identity, history and culture by showcasing neighbourhood histories.” As part of the "Woodlawn Past and Present" photography exhibition taking place in the fall of 2019, we will be documenting your stories for exhibition.